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I love this shop! The scents that I have ordered smell divine, I can't stop sniffing them, and the candles look so beautiful. You can just tell Mina, the shop owner, take such good care of each and every one of her creations. I'm always tempted to order more. Mina also responds quickly  to any questions and is always very friendly. I highly recommend this shop!

Pooja IG @penningtales

Mina's candles are some of my favourites ever! Her labels are beautiful, the candles are sparkly and colourful, and I love supporting a local small business. Mina takes care of every customer, and I can't wait to see her new products.

Kat IG @pretty_little_library

Timelessprintsca is my number one stop for all the bookish candles I could ever need or want. The Owner Mina who I fondly refer to as the #sparklequeen is incredibly creative with beautiful and well crafted products. Their scents are innovative and clever. Guaranteed there is something for everyone. For me any day a @timelessprintsca order shows up in my mail is guarenteed to brighten my day.

Tosha IG @toshsbookcorner